O'Connor Mailing Services, Inc.


About Us

O'Connor Mailing Service has specialized in mass mailings in central Illinois since 1967. We are a locally owned, small business that caters to both large corporations and small businesses. No matter how large, or how small your mailing is, you will receive first class service each and every time you have a mailing or project for us to tackle.

The advantage of O'Connor - we get your job out quickly and accurately. You can count on a short turnaround, and we pride ourselves on completing most jobs in a day or two.

Some mail houses avoid work that requires inserting by hand. Not us! We gladly tackle the jobs that demand detailed handling, such as matching a name to a personalized envelope, letter and booklet.

Plus, we're experts when it comes to catching mistakes. Not only do we check, recheck, and triple check our own work, but we comb through your work when it first comes through our doors. We handle every job as if we were doing it for our own business.

O'Connor Mailing Services